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BioTelemetry, Inc. is the leading remote medical technology company focused on the delivery of health information to improve quality of life and reduce cost of care. We provide remote cardiac monitoring, remote blood glucose monitoring, centralized core lab services for clinical trials and original equipment manufacturing that serves healthcare and clinical research customers.


BioTelemetry operates under two reportable segments: Healthcare and Research. Our Healthcare segment is focused on the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias or heart rhythm disorders. We have focused on cardiac monitoring since 1999 and have developed a proprietary integrated patient management platform that incorporates wireless data transmission, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared algorithms, medical devices and 24-hour monitoring service centers. We offer cardiologists, electrophysiologists, neurologists and primary care physicians a full spectrum of solutions, providing them with a single source of cardiac monitoring services. Our services range from the differentiated MCT service, to Event, traditional Holter, extended-wear Holter, Pacemaker and International Normalized Ratio monitoring. With over 30,000 unique referring physicians per month, we provide cardiac monitoring and reporting for over one million patients per year, processing over four billion heart beats each day. 


Our Research segment is engaged in central core laboratory services providing cardiac monitoring, imaging services, scientific consulting and data management services for drug and medical device trials.